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You can’t stop it. Valentines Day approaches. For the romantically challenged that can produce cold chills. “What do I say?  How can I express my thoughts?  I really love him/her but my mind draws a blank when trying to express it.  Awk!!”

If you are like me you could probably use some help putting your feelings into words.  I recently discovered an awesome resource that I am willing to share with you but this is so good I have decided I want to “savor the flavor”, you know, stretch it out and make the most of it.

So here is the deal, I’m not going to tell you what to say – now that would really be dumb wouldn’t it? – but I have discovered a list of thought provokers that will help you reach down into the deep recesses of your heart and find the Cyrano de Bergerac within.

About once a week I’ll post a couple of these idea starters on this site to help you keep the flame of “amore” alive in your relationship.  Also, if you would prefer, I’ll send them to you via email when they are posted.  What a deal.  You gotta admit, I got your back.  I’m looking out for you.  If you want to get the posts regularly, click on the logo in the upper left hand corner of this page where it says “Subscribe”.  If you prefer to get them via email, send your email address to: info@TheSummitChurch.cc    Put “fuel the flame newsletter” in the subject line and type your email address in the text area.    EZ, eh?

So here is a sample to get you through Valentine’s day.  Fill in these blanks and share your thoughts with that special one in your life.

If we had met in a comic strip, the thought bubble above my head would have said _________________.
As I got to know you, I became even more interested in you because _________________________.

That should give you a good start and pour some gasoline on the embers.  Have fun.

Love God and others with abandonment.

Pastor Rick

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