I have decided to follow Jesus … or have I?

Most problems in the church today are due to the fact that so many Christians are still trying to decide if they want to be followers of Jesus Christ.

When I first read this quote (which I actually paraphrased above) it left me thinking, “Huh?”  But I quickly realized what was being said.  I understood it because I know I often have to decide “do I want to be a follower of Jesus” in this situation.   Obviously, that wording doesn’t go through my head but essentially, when I am trying to decide how to respond to an offense, a temptation, an opportunity to be less than honest, a less than lovable person or a thousand other daily decisions, I am deciding, “Do I want to be a follower of Jesus at this moment?”

Of course, since I am a pastor, I always make the right decision.  LOL!!! Forgive me, but I can’t help but Laugh Out Loud even typing that.  What a ludicrous and totally hilarious thought.

But, I am going to try to imprint that question (Do you want to be a follower of Jesus right now?) closer to the forefront of my brain – right in the decision making area – because when I think about it that way the answer is obvious, “Yes!  Of course I want to follow Jesus in this situation!”  I may not want to be honest because it could be embarrassing.  I may not want to be kind because I am too busy or too bothered to want to take the time.  I may not want to resist that temptation because, well, because it wouldn’t be a temptation if it wasn’t something I would enjoy indulging in.  My will, my “wanter” in my soul, may not want what is right but deep within me there is another “wanter” – the will of my spirit is definitely to follow Jesus regardless of the consequences.

So which “wanter” will win? Experience shows the soulish “wanter” – the will of my old nature – is still going to come out on top a few times (hopefully less and less each day, week and year)  But I know without a doubt that one day, the “wanter” of the spirit is ultimately going to triumph.  (See 1 John 3:1-3)

How about you?  Do you want to follow Jesus in your home, work, relationships, every aspect of your life?  It may not be safe.  It may not be easy ….. but it will be good.

Sunday (2/21/2010) we are going to look at a precious promise about that in Philippians at 6pm.  Join us live if you can.  Catch “Philippians 1” on the web if you miss outhttp://summitcorpuschristi.com/media/category/night/

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