Focus: The Lack or the Lord?


Catering AvailableMark 8:5
“How many loaves do you have?” Jesus asked.
“Seven,” they replied.
The need was huge – food for 4000 people. 4000 people! It is easy to skip over the size of the need because we already know what is going to happen. Have you ever tried to feed 40 people? 100? 400? This was 4000? A megachurch potluck but no one brought anything and there is no caterer available.

The disciples had already seen him feed 5000 (see verse 19) but  apparently they still had no clue as to what to do (vs. 4). They were focused on what they lacked Рfood for 4000. Jesus, however, was focused on what they had (vs. 5) and gave thanks for that (vs. 6). Of course, we know what happened after that.

I tend to be very much like those disciples. I’ve seen God do awesome things for me. I’ve seen Him come through – bail me out, provide for me, deliver me when hope seemed gone. Yet, when faced with a new challenge, my tendency is to focus on what I lack rather than focusing on what I have and being thankful for that.

But what is seven loaves among 4000 people? Not much. But they did not just have 7 loaves. They had seven loaves and Jesus. And Jesus! Seven loaves and Jesus was more than enough.

The next time I am staring into the face of “not enough” I hope I can remember to look away from what I don’t have and focus instead on what I do have. Be thankful for that and remember that no matter how inadequate it is, I have that and Jesus. Surely that is more than enough.
Philippians 4:19
And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.


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