Ever feel God failed you?


What went wrong?!Joshua 15:63
…the sons of Judah could not drive them out; so the Jebusites live with the sons of Judah at Jerusalem until this day.
The Jebusites were one of the tribes God told Israel to drive out of the land and apparently the Israelites tried to do it but just did not have what it took to get the job done. So, how does that work?  Have you ever felt God called you to do something and when you gave it your best effort you just couldn’t pull it off? What a frustrating situation. It feels like God let you down. Wasn’t this His idea? Why didn’t He come through?  But you know you can’t blame your failure on God. But you can’t figure out what you could have done differently either.

Did I not have enough faith?
(What about that promise that it only takes a mustard seed size faith? Surely I had that much faith.)
Maybe I did not pray enough?
(You can always pray more.)
Did I not work hard enough?
(But it seemed I was peddling as fast as I could.)
Did I miss God and this was all my idea after all? What went wrong?!

Can you tell I have been there, done that and found out you don’t even get a T-shirt for it? I believe this sort of situation is a common experience for those who are serious about obeying God.

It forces us to ask a basic question: Do I follow God because He is God or do I follow Him as a route to “success”? Will I follow Him even if the road leads to Pharaoh’s prison (Joseph), fleeing for my life and living alone in the wilderness (David), abandonment in prison (Paul) or death on a cross?

Ultimately each of these men came out on top as they followed God’s route which first led to a pit. And, David, a “son of Judah” did eventually drive the Jebusites out of Jerusalem. And later I did see how my “failure” was God’s path to prepare me for greater effectiveness in an enlarged field of ministry. My guess is, if you will hang on you too will see God is using your failed effort to accomplish His good purpose. Just don’t give up, don’t waste the pain.  Hang in there. The last chapter of the book of your life has not been written. Keep walking.

Do you have a story to tell of God “failing” you only to find out later He was simply taking you down an alternate, and much better, route?
Psalm 40:1-2
I waited patiently for the Lord ; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry. He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.


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2 thoughts on “Ever feel God failed you?

  1. Rick,
    My eyes are filled with tears of joy. I am going through just this kind of walk. I had felt God failed me, but couldn’t allow myself to stay in those thoughts. He is God. He is my God. I can’t blame Him. Then the Holy Spirit took me through all these thoughts of the men of the Bible who had done the same. I have come to the same conclusion, just recently. Your words are extremely comforting, as they drive my lesson deeper into a stronger faith and trust in Almighty God.
    Thank you

  2. Meleah, that is wonderful that you have passed the test. Faith is only faith if we do not understand, if we can’t see the logic behind it. And our faith in Him is very pleasing to the Father. Stay in the Word. And those Jebusite strongholds WILL fall.

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