God’s tiny request of me

Be Like MeHebrews tells us that Jesus is a qualified high priest because He became one of us. He understands temptation because He suffered temptation. Because He experienced what we experience He can relate to us more completely.

It occurred to me that to some degree the reverse of that is also true. When we are treated unjustly, rejected by those we have poured our life into, ignored and falsely accused it is an opportunity for us to relate to God on a deeper level. Think about this: There is not a person alive who has experienced the depth and breadth of rejection, injustice and disdain that God has experienced.

He created and then blesses all men with life, breath, rain, sunshine and an abundant earth. He extends His hand of mercy and kindness to all mankind and in return each and every one of us, without a single exception, turn against Him, reject Him. Not one of us serves Him faithfully, even those of us who claim his name. But it is even worse than that.

The Lord says He remembers we are made from dust. What can you expect from such a low creature formed from dirt? But even his angels, who lived with Him, experienced His splendor, walked the streets of Paradise – even one third of them turned and rebelled against Him. He has been rejected, attacked, lied about by men and angels.

Yet …. think about this …. He continues to give the sun and rain, life and breath, hope and help even to those who deny and despise Him. Even Satan still enjoys some of God’s blessings because existence, life, thought, all are “good and perfect gifts” from the hand of a good God.

So, I realize, He is asking a tiny thing when He asks me to bless those who persecute me, mistreat me, falsely accuse me. He is simply asking me to be like Him, to reflect His response and attitude toward them. When I feel the sting of rejection, the pain of mistreatment, the hurt of false accusations I am sharing in the sufferings of God. Such sharing allows me to understand Him better, deeper, more thoroughly than I ever could if I had not suffered unjustly.  So rejoice … you are understanding God a little better in your pain.
Luke 6:22, 23
Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man. “Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their ancestors treated the prophets.

5 thoughts on “God’s tiny request of me

  1. Thank you, sincerely 🙂 my own words are inadequate at best to communicate
    My emotions when describing the intimate embrace of the Lord when he healed my broken heart and spirit and gave me absolute peace 3 years ago 🙂

  2. God lead me to this word in his timing. Im pretty sure He’s waiting for me to get this one right …next time. What an amazing merciful God we have. Why do we hesitate even for a second to react in his way… when we KNOW by faiths experiences that his way is the only way that brings life. I have a deeper perspective, on suffering WITH him.. after reading this..maybe thats why! wow. I want to know the fellowship of his suffering.s..I want it to be instant, even welcomed. thank you.

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