Who likes mega-churches?

Where 2 or 3000 are gathered in my name.Occasionally I hear people talking about the evils of Mega-churches – as if a church automatically becomes impersonal or ineffective because it is large. Often these folks say their smaller church is like the church in the New Testament. Really?

The church in the NT was a small church – just about 120 people – before the Holy Spirit came. Once that happened the church immediately grew to 3000 and kept growing daily. I guess that is when they would have left, started a new church across town, and called it “The Newer New Testament Church”. Does size really tell you if the people who attend there are being equipped for ministry and growing more in their love for Jesus, being more conformed to His image?

There are ineffective, unfriendly, unhealthy mega-churches that compromise the gospel so they can grow. Though I have never been to one like that they must exist because I hear people talk about them all the time. But from personal experience I can tell you there are also ineffective, unhealthy small churches that compromise the gospel. Size does not determine effectiveness or health.

A Chihuahua can be healthy and friendly or mean and nasty. So can a Mastiff or Great Dane. Size is more a matter of DNA than health or personality. Not all churches should be mega but neither should all churches be small. Each has its own unique purpose, strengths and weaknesses.

In my tool box I have some big wrenches and some small wrenches – and even some really tiny wrenches. There are things I can only do with the big wrenches but there are also things I need the tiny ones for. God’s toolbox has big churches and little churches and He accomplishes unique tasks with each.

Guess what. People are like that too. He has some folks who are outgoing, boisterous and flamboyant. God can use those Peter-type of folks. But He also has quiet, contemplative, introverts in His “toolbox”. He designed you for a particular purpose and will use you just the way you are. Oh, we have all been marred by sin and there are areas we need to be polished – like rusty tools need to be oiled (a symbol of the Holy Spirit) to work properly. So all of us need to improve, develop the skills we have been given. But that is different than wanting to be a different tool.

Be the best wrench you can be. Or be the best hammer you can be. Whatever way God designed you, be the best THAT that you can be. He made you for a specific task and you are just the right tool, just the right size, for that job. You fit perfectly within His hand and He will use you as you let Him. Just stay oiled (filled with the Holy Spirit) and be available. And be content with the size of the vineyard He has entrusted to you.
1 Corinthians 12:17, 18
If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be.

8 thoughts on “Who likes mega-churches?

  1. Amen!! I recently responded to a friend who was seeking a new church to attend I told him our church has no windows or doors it lies in the body of Christ and all that he has given us!!
    Love and sincerety 🙂

  2. Love this analogy and perspective, I agree! and as usual God is spot on for “me”! Im Free to be his -intended tool! thank you!

  3. I think big churches are just a result of technology. People hear about somebody on the web or TV etc. They then can access transit to cross town (drive, bus, train whatever) and get to that place. Small churches are really hard to find – they often don’t have websites, and newcomers can have difficulty fitting in. Nothing against small churches – it’s just they usually take a lot more work to find and get involved in than big churches. I think it’s just a cultural thing caused by modern technology.

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