A remarkable story straight from today’s headlines.

Pray for GazaSteve was really disappointed. He’s a Commission To Every Nation missionary to Muslims who’s seen many amazing miracles but God just didn’t come through on this one. Working with a ministry in Gaza he was going to help a deaf soccer team attend a special camp for deaf players being held in Paris. It was a great opportunity to show the love of Jesus to these deaf Muslim men.

After a boatload of red tape they managed to get airline tickets and all the other details arranged. The hard part was done. Now they just needed $1,000 for passports. None of the guys could afford to buy their own.

Steve put the word out and waited. Surely lots of folks would want to help with this ministry opportunity. No response. The final date came and went and they didn’t even have enough money to buy a single passport. It was a huge disappointment. They had to tell the guys it just wasn’t going to happen.

We don’t like to talk about it but I’ll bet you’ve been there – disappointment with God. I know I’ve been there lots of times.

You desperately need His help and He’s nowhere to be found. What’s up, God!? Where are you? Don’t you even care?

In those times I get tempted to push and manipulate and try to make things happen. Or blame someone else for it not working. And, of course, when God’s too slow there’s always the credit card. Charge it and send God the bill later.

But a fellow told me something that helped me. (Not totally solved the problem. I still get upset sometimes when God doesn’t operate on my schedule or follow my directions.) He said, “God’s lack of provision is as directional as his provision.

I know that probably seems like a no-brainer but that was a revelation to me. When God doesn’t send the resources he may be saying, “No” or “Wait”. I’m still learning to trust God’s timing and plan instead of pushing through and doing it on my own- especially if it’s something I really want. How about you?

Steve was smart enough to leave it in the Lord’s hands. Perhaps God had some other plan. The conference passed and the guys didn’t go. He was disappointed but was confident God was in control.

A couple of days ago the team leader got a message from the organizer of the camp in Paris. The note said, “Thank God for your well being. The tickets we had reserved for your return flight was on the Egypt Air plane that crashed in the sea.” 

Wow! Usually we don’t see why God doesn’t provide or rush to our rescue. Usually we just walk away disappointed and sometimes wonder if God even cares. But thank God He didn’t provide and thank God Steve didn’t push through to make it happen in his own strength.

This story encouraged me to trust God even when His ways don’t make sense. He’s aware of my situation. No matter what comes my way I can trust He has my best interest in mind.

I may never know why certain things don’t seem to go my way but I can be sure He has a reason for everything He allows to come into my life. I can be sure He is at work behind the scenes orchestrating it all for my good.
And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
Romans 8:28 NLT
Read a great book (one of the best I’ve ever read) dealing with Disappointment with God.

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